Democrats have been trying to get Donald Trump impeached ever since before he took office. If they are able to gain a majority in Congress after the 2018 elections, it is all but certain that they would bring charges against Trump and immediately have the vote to get him impeached.

However, experts are now saying that Trump’s impeachment actually depends all on one thing. According to Western Journalism, whether or not Trump is impeached depends solely on Obamacare. This will come as bad news to the Democrats, as it means that despite all their whining and protests, this situation is actually  out of their control.

Here’s what Western Journalism’s Donald Devine had to say:

What will determine the 2018 election is Obamacare. People care about their health. This was the political hot potato that decimated House Democrats under Obama and brought the GOP back to power and holds the same potential for Republicans.

The House passed a “repeal and replace” Obamacare bill hoping to cool things down, but it passed by only a 217-to-213 vote, with no Democrat support and 20 Republicans voting against. It would end the mandate to purchase health insurance and would replace it with higher rates for those who do not keep continuous insurance coverage. It would eliminate many Obamacare tax increases, cut nearly $900 billion from Medicaid and limit its future expansion, and would allow states to seek waivers to charge higher premiums for age and wellness conditions but replace this with separate high-risk coverage for those with un-insurable pre-existing conditions.

Like its predecessor, the bill is extremely complicated and of course is all summarized by the mainstream media as devastating to the poor and the sick. Who has the time to read all of the complex details anyway? The Senate is planning to start its review of Obamacare from scratch without worrying much about what is in the House bill, making things even more complicated. Whether the House will pay much attention to a Senate product is problematic.

President Trump keeps insisting that Obamacare is dead from its own internal contradictions, with health insurers refusing to participate or increasing premiums substantially. As Aetna’s recent decision to quit Obamacare proves, he is correct, but after two years whatever remains is going to be called Trumpcare whether he likes it or not.

Expecting anything rational to pass the congressional sausage factory is delusional. Mr. Trump’s only solution is to produce a viable replacement by executive regulation alone. President Obama showed the way by overriding the law with delays and exceptions from the beginning.

It can be done. Mandated benefits are a big part of the problem, forcing insurance to pay for relatively inexpensive “preventive” care that should be paid by cash rather than by insurance. Although this costs each individual little, when everyone is reimbursed by insurance the total cost is prohibitive, forcing extremely unpopular high deductibles for serious illnesses. While expensive individually, these illnesses do not break the bank, since relatively few people need these procedures. Restoring rational insurance administratively is simple because while these benefits are broadly listed in law, the Health and Human Services secretary can limit them.

The other fundamental problem with Obamacare is its enormous increase in Medicaid coverage for those well above the poverty line. President Obama had already granted Medicaid waivers allowing states flexibility, and HHS Secretary Tom Price could greatly expand these and turn most regulation over to the states. Many states have risk pools, and there are creative ways to enhance them through regulation. Obamacare tax penalties have already been halted through presidential order even though the law is still on the books, and HHS has been ordered to minimize other Obamacare regulatory burdens, to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay its rules.”

So President Trump could do enough administratively to eliminate the worst aspects of Obamacare and restore enough rationality to the process to stop the disintegration of the health insurance market and his presidency. Most importantly, he can do it quickly to allow time to calm market fears before the election. Congress simply cannot act in time.

President Trump constantly tweets against Obamacare but often mixes the message with other less essential topics for his survival. He can endure budgets, deficient personnel practices, and controversial social policies, but health care will determine his fate. Unless he places it as the number one priority, he will be enfeebled.

Mr. Trump has correctly understood that the mainstream culture and media are the opposition. While his Twitter list is indeed impressive, it pales compared to theirs. He must focus on health care and get the Republican National Committee and the congressional campaign committees to begin saturation public relations campaigns to demonstrate the failure of Obamacare and why Trumpcare is better.

Only an enormous public campaign starting right now even has a chance to prevent an overwhelming defeat in 2018.

Otherwise prepare for impeachment, for that is the other side’s plan.

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