JUST IN!! Democrats Started To Resign From Their Positions – PEOPLE CHEERING!!

We understood by now that the popular media would do just about anything to defend the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, even we didn’t think they’d take things this far…

A huge fraud has been revealed being made by Democrats, however CNN for instance will never inform you about it.

The media refuses to cover the MAJOR lawsuit and consequential RESIGNATION of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile for immorally rigging the Democrat primaries. If the media had indeed reported on this, there would be a considerably less Democrats in this country. (from Medium)

Schultz and Brazile both resigned, but it’s not being covered by the liberal media. It has to be since Hillary had already scammed her way to a presidential nomination.

Some Democrats were upset about this, and refused to support the total train-wreck of a candidate. Can anyone blame them? Not me, however the media gladly overlooked those Democrats. As a final result, many of them turned out for Donald Trump.

Although the media has a tendency to cover every inch of other incidents like the Zimmerman case, or the OJ Simpson case, they just don’t have the courage to tell liberals just how badly their party tricked them.

Other popular media outlets are just as responsible. This situation is precisely what the media used to strive for. Reporters are expected to expose fraud, collusion, and keep the general public up to date about the most essential issues of our day.

The complete and utter failure of the government to act in response to American citizens, and the rule of the deep state over all of us, is the biggest challenge of our time. The swamp is a flaming monster, and on account of the media, liberals don’t even see what is about to come. Don’t let them conceal this story as well!


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