Democrats Caught Grooming Sick Muslim Politician To Take Over America!!

Barack Hussein Obama is proving to be the hemorrhoid on the backside of America that simply refuses to leave. Ever since Trump got into office, old Barry has been incessant in his efforts to bring Trump down, as we continue to find more about Obama’s shadow government and illegal spying. But things unfortunately for us just got a whole lot worse. The Democratic Party is already grooming their next Obama and the man’s disturbing background will make you want to absolutely hurl.

Meet Dr. Abdul el-Sayed. A 32-year-old Muslim medical doctor who has recently thrown his hat in the race for governor of Michigan. Just like Obama, he speaks without an accent and is charismatic; attributes that divert everyone’s attention away from the fact that he’s a Muslim with the full backing of the Muslim Brotherhood terror organization. If you think this sounds like Obama 2.0 you’d be 100% correct. He too hates Trump with a passion, saying that the president’s decisions “are at odds with deeply held American values.”

With Michigan already transforming into a Muslim cesspool in recent years, the state nominating Sayed would just put the final touches on the state whose citizens are already being threatened by the takeover of Sharia Law. Dick Manasseri, who heads a group called Secure Michigan that educates Michiganders about the threat of Shariah law, predicts that Sayed will win the Democratic nomination for governor.

“It is the exact same thing as Barack Obama in Chicago in the early 2000s,” said Manasseri. “He’s young, attractive, he does not give out a lot of information, he speaks in platitudes about celebrating inclusiveness and diversity.”

He’s very well packaged,” Manasseri said. “He’s far more accomplished than Barack Obama. Obama was not this accomplished, they connected him to certain foundations and his candidacy took off.”

Manasseri said that Democrats are already rallying around their little Obama 2.0, with Elizabeth Warren planning to campaign for him.

“Elizabeth Warren will be coming to campaign for him, the Democrats in other states will be raising money for him. The DNC number-two man [Keith Ellison] will be raising money for him. Of course this guy is going to be on the Sunday morning talk shows. He’ll be everywhere. A candidate for governor who is Muslim Brotherhood …if that doesn’t tell you there’s a Shariah swamp in Michigan I don’t know what does.”

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