Congress FINALLY Investigating Obama…TREASON Charges May Be Coming!

For eight long years we had to deal with the crookedness of the Obama Administration. It wasn’t enough that they would be the types to skim off the top. They did things that straight up cost Americans their lives…

We may FINALLY get some answers regarding former President Obama’s SHADY behavior while he was in office. He needs to be arrested for treason!

Leaders of the House oversight committee came forward and DEMANDED answers into whether the Obama administration disregarded the U.S. effort to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous Iranian trafficking networks during the nuclear deal with Iran, via Politico.

They’re also trying to determine whether or not the Obama administration jeopardized our national security in his dealings with Tehran. The Obama administration misled the true patriots of this country when they disclosed the terms of that deal. Clearly, there is more here than meets the eye.

The Obama administration has proven to us time and time again that they are not to be trusted. They would be perfectly willing to sacrifice an American life in the name of looking good in the eyes of misinformed voters. It is truly disturbing.

If you want to know just how uncomfortable the left is with full disclosure, just look at their reactions to Wikileaks dump of information on Hillary’s email server scandal. They LOST IT. We had political hacks all over TV telling us we couldn’t read Hillary’s emails because they were illegal.

However, the media were allowed to read the emails, and they reported lies and nothing of practical use to us. That left a bad taste in our mouths. We thought transparency was something that was good for our country. Apparently, the left disagrees.

Our country stands to benefit from free and transparent governing and reporting. The Trump administration has been extremely transparent and effective. President Trump doesn’t rely on underhanded media manipulation tactics like the Obama administration did.

We NEED this kind of transparency in our offices. We cannot be expected to vote and make educated political choices without being properly informed.

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