Comey WORST NIGHTMARE: DOJ Lawyer With MASSIVE Announcement – Patriots Cheering

Well, Comey is finished. Larry Klayman has divulged some exceuciating information. Comey, Obama, and the rest of those degenerates are going down. Well, thanks to Devin Nunes, Comey’s reign may be ending very soon. Thanks to Klayman and Nunes we can expect some indictments in the near future.

From Subject Politics:

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told Trump yesterday that he obtained documents PROVING the FBI spied on Trump and his staff. Now we just found out the probable source of these leaked documents!

Former DOJ prosecutor Larry Klayman sent a letter telling Nunes that a CIA whistleblower had contacted him with 47 hard drives and 600 million images that PROVE Obama and Comey spied on Trump and many others! (See The Letter Below)

Klayman went on Live TV last night to drop this bombshell and explain how James Comey is engaged in a MASSIVE COVER-UP! Watch and then SHAREon Facebook because the mainstream media won’t cover it!

DOJ Lawyer reveals MASSIVE Cover-Up by James Comey from Subject Politics on Vimeo.

Here is the letter Klayman sent to Chairman Nunes and the rest of the intelligence Committee. THIS IS HUGE!1




There is a lot of newfound respect for the House Intelligence Committee. When the American people hold politicians responsible, America is freer and more peaceful. Less turmoil and more integrity help build on the foundation of the government. When Soros, Obama, and Clinton are finally put in prison for the rest of their lives. The world will be a safer place. We can slowly battle back neoliberalism and gain multiple parties to further balance our elections. When will it happen? Hopefully sooner rather than later, but the timeframe for putting away powerful people is difficult to predict because of how dangerous they can be. Eventually, it will happen. Enjoy prison, Comey.

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