JUST IN!! CNN Reveals The Truth About Comey, Trump Was Right!!

President Trump was quite clear regarding his motives to dismiss James Comey. He said that the ex chief FBI “committed atrocities,” and his decision ought to be appreciated. Comey transformed the Bureau into a political device, and that made people ponder whether or not agents are doing everything properly.

Liberals did not spread any words when criticizing the President for the decision he made. They all agreed upon the fact that it was a terrible mistake to fire Comey, however that’s just a group of Trump-hating liberals. They are against everything President Trump implemented.

Let’s keep in mind that liberals were Comey’s most vocal rivals at the time Hillary accused him of destroying her shot of winning the presidential elections. Now the pretend to be close friends of his. For real?

It seems like several media outlets actually confirm the President’s opinions on the issue. CNN acknowledged that President Trump was right all this time.

Sources uncover that Comey was aware that a big portion of the proof related to the investigation into Hillary was in fact forged on Russia’s behalf. This information made him end the investigation. He did not consult Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General, on this decision.

It looks like James Comey realized that the information was false, and this is game-changing.

The disinformation involved electronic communications among Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D. Fla.) and the Clinton campaign pointing out that Lynch will “squash” the investigation.

Comey’s testimony on the issue throughout his classified hearing said nothing relating to the fact that this information was false.

Current FBI Director Andrew McCabe said to the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Bureau was informed that the information was untrue.

This is kind of a  messy situation, and we hope that the President will resolve the problem quickly.


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