Chuck Schumer Received TERRIBLE News

The government of Turkey is making efforts to find accomplices of the cleric  Fethullah Gulen who created the Gulen Movement. The Turkish government has proclaimed that this is a terrorist organization. It now seems that even Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, is a suspect of being an accomplice along with 17 other U.S. citizens, including CIA Director under Obama, John Brennan.

Turkish investigators suspect Schumer because he’s received a number of donations from Gulen’s supporters in the United States. These same Gulenists donated over $1 million to the Clinton foundation.

Turkish investigators believe that Schumer is a suspect since he got many donations from Gulen’s followers in the U.S. These supporters also donated more than $1 million to the infamous Clinton Foundation.

Ahmet Sait Yayla, a professor at George Mason University is also included among the suspects. Yayla was formerly a high-ranking official in the Turkish counter-terrorism division.

Now Gulen resides in Pennsylvania for organizing an unsuccessful coup d’etat back in July 2016. They have been labeled as a terrorist group by the government of Turkey. Now I bet you don’t feel that shocked that Schumer may have a hand in this.

Over and over again progressives have claimed that President Trump was involved with Russian officials but it would seem that it is actually Schumer the one who should be investigated.

Like so many Democrats, Schumer has been doing all he can to undermine and smear President Trump and his administration.

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