BUSTED: Gowdy Just PROVED Collusion! What He Just SAID Proves Clinton and DOJ in Cahoots!

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News and disclosed that there were more entanglements “between the Clintons and the justice department” than everyone understood. He agrees there was definite “collusion” during the 2016 election, but not the phony Russia/Trump conspiracies.

The PROVEN collision happened between Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice and the Clinton campaign.

Trey Gowdy believes James Comey had access to information to safeguard the integrity of the investigation, and the integrity of the process. James Comey had access to information that no one else did, or may never had because it’s classified.

Gowdy: “Trust me when I say this, I know what it was! I have been a critic of James Comey in the past. But, he made the only decision he could have made, with respect to appropriating that decision away from the department of justice, and making the decision himself. And, history will be a hell of a lot kinder to him than the democrats were at the time!”

Barbra: “I only take away from that, that you’re suggesting that there were more entanglements between the Clintons and perhaps the justice department than everyone wanted to understand?”

Gowdy: “You’re very perceptive.”

It’s time to reopen and investigate Crooked Hillary, the previous corrupt department of justice, along with the Obama admin. Lock them up!

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