BREAKING: WikiLeaks Releases Proof Hillary Lied and The FBI Covered It Up

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Releases Proof Hillary Lied and The FBI Covered It Up

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, released evidence that Hillary Clinton knowingly lied to the FBI and the American people, but the feds covered it up. This is why she wasn’t indicted folks!

VIA Proud Conservative

Hillary told the FBI she doesn’t remember that a “c” in brackets stands for on a document, yet she signed thousands of them along with her signature. So, either Hillary has brain damage so severe that she can’t remember , or she is lying….it’s likely the later.

Julian Assange: “I just want to say one thing, in the FBI report released Friday I agree with your analysis. It is very strange that it was released Friday afternoon on a Labor weekend. I do think it brings up questions to what sort of game the FBI is trying to play. But Hillary Clinton says she can’t remember what a “c” in brackets stands for. Everyone in positions of government and in Wikileaks knows it stands for ‘classified confidential.’”

Assange continued “And in fact we have already released thousands of cables by Hillary Clinton. Here she is “Clinton” see, that’s her signature. With a “c” in brackets right there. We have thousands of examples where she, herself has used this “c” in brackets and signed it off. And more than 22,000 times that she has received cables from others with this “c” in brackets.”

It is clear that the Feds, or at least someone powerful in that organization (read James Comey) is protecting Hillary. However, we won’t tolerate this. This is why we will share this article everywhere and expose Hillary for the fraud that she is!


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