BREAKING: WH Kitchen, Cleaning Staff Walks Out On Obamas Over Religious Freedom

The “common” folk who work at the White House, the hard-working cooks and housekeepers who keep the executive mansion running have walked out on the Obamas just before Christmas because of their lack of faith in our lord and savior.

The staff, 98.4 percent of whom are Christian, are unhappy that the White House looks like a non-denominational museum of holidays other than Christmas rathr than the festive wonderlandit’s looke like under every other president in history.

According to housekeeper Daisy Maie MgGinty, Obama himself confronted her while she was cleaning the residence because of a pin she was wearing:

“He told me I had to my pin off because it said ‘Keep the Christ in Christmas.’ He said his administration couldn’t be responible for offending people who don’t believe in Christ, like Muslims, Satanosts, Atheists and Wiccans. I was disgusted.”

The house maintenance manager, George Stillwater, says in his 30 years in the house he’s never seen anything like it:

“There are ares to see traditional decoratoions fromevery religion imaginable but the only mrntion of the real Christmas is in the small chapel and there’s no baby Jesuses allowed.”

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to hear some stories designed to enrage you and seen a picture of Muslims praying near the White House you should have enough hate in your heart to get you through the day. Checkmback tomorrow for mmore rage right here on The Last Line Of Defense.

Thanks, Obama.

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