BREAKING: Uncovered Huma Email Confirms the Worst… Previous Hacks DID Happen

During the period where Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was doing what John Ehrlichman might have described as a “modified limited hangout” regarding her private email server, Clinton insisted that it had never been hacked into.

In fact, she more or less swore on a stack of Bibles (or at the very least, copies of “It Takes A Village”) that no actors, foreign or otherwise, had attacked or breached the security of her ersatz private server. Even when one hacker said he had gotten into it and that others had too, Clinton and her people vigorously insisted that was false.

Much like everything else involved in the Clinton campaign and its handling of Clinton’s email, that was a baldfaced lie. And now we know that for a fact, thanks to WikiLeaks.

A newly released email from 2011 from Hillary aide Huma Abedin reportedly said that her BlackBerry wasn’t working. In response, Justin Cooper — the IT guy who set up Hillary’s private email server — said, “We were attacked again.”

Given that such an attack probably wouldn’t have been carried out by wolverines with distemper, I’m going to assume that the attack was one carried out by hackers.

Also, one typically doesn’t use the word “again” unless it’s happened before — and in this context, a lot of times before.

I am not privy, of course, to the inner workings of Hillary Clinton’s world. In fact, very few people are, considering that Clinton isn’t exactly ruler of the Principality of Transparencyland. However, given her history, I find that it’s usually safe to assume the worst when it comes to her.

It’s not that we’ve been lied to yet again. If I got angry every time Hillary Clinton lied to us, my blood pressure could run a hydroelectric power plant. It’s that she lied so cravenly about an issue that affects our national security.

And she wants to take this mentality to 1600 Pennsylvania? Give me a break.

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