BREAKING: The Total Cost Of Obama’s Grocery Bill For Eight Years Is STAGGERING

BREAKING: The Total Cost Of Obama’s Grocery Bill For Eight Years Is STAGGERING

The White House Office of Information and Propaganda has just released an in-depth analysis of the cost of the Obama family’s cost to the taxpayer for the eight years they spent in the executive mansion. The preliminary report, which didn’t include security and vacations since those articles are difficult to assess, did tell a troubling tale of waste.

 For the first few months, the Obamas spent very little. They used what was left over from the Bush family and bought a lot of their own groceries before they realized they could get whatever they wanted. Once that happened, beginning in about April of 2009, the spending spree began.

In just under 8 years, the Obamas averaged $1206 per week for a total of $484, 212 charged to the American taxpayer. Considering the average American family spends less than $300 per week on food, this family of four who obviously thought they were special had zero regard for how much they were costing the American people.

Included in the bills were things like lobsters flown in from Maine, softshell crabs from Maryland, grapes and oranges from California, pasta from Italy and baklava from Greece. If it was available, extravagant and something they liked, the Obamas had no problem making you and your family pay for it.

President Trump has promised that the cost of the groceries, which the Obamas should have paid for themselves, will be taken out of his pension.

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