BREAKING: Pro-Murder Fraud Tomi Lahren Tells The Whole Truth–About Everything

Tomi Lahren shocked conservatives recently when she admitted to the liberal hags on The View that she is pro-murder. Hiding behind the “I’d be a hypocrite if I was for smaller government but for regulating a woman’s body” copout that fake conservatives commonly use, Lahren let her true colors shine through.

 After being suspended from The Blaze, she decided to go into one of her little fits of rage, this time in a public place where everyone around could hear what she was saying. Martha Shupe, who was having dinner with her husband, heard very clearly what Tomi was saying:

“That girl was angry. She said Glen Beck is a liar and a fool and that she’s as liberal as they come and he knows it. She said he didn’t care as long as she could put on the show.

She was screaming about loving Obamacare and hating President Trump. I think she had too much to drink.”

Not only does this shed light on the young Ms. Lahren and her fake celebrity status, it also brings into question Glen Beck’s character as well. It would be a shame to find out that such a conservative hero was a fraud.

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