BREAKING: Obama Divorce Rumor CONFIRMED–Here’s What We Know

Late last week, a rumor began circulating in Washington social circles that there was trouble in paradise for Barack and Michelle Obama. While there was no confirmation, it was being tossed around that it was Barack looking to dump Michelle. This week, a filing in the District Court of Cook County, Illinois confirmed that the couple is seeking divorce and that Barack is, in fact, the plaintiff.

On top of this, a rumor began circulating that Barack Obama’s ex-girlfriend Genevieve Cook, the daughter of an Australian diplomat in her recent confession in a book about her relationship with Barack, is the main reason why the famous couple is seeking divorce!

The ex-girlfriend of Barack Obama has laid bare the former President’s sex and drug life in a new biography which claims he also cheated on Michelle called Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama and written by Pulitzer-prize winner David J. Garrow, the book reveals how the ex US leader was a long-term lover of Genevieve Cook.

In the book, Genevieve Cook claims that she and her ex-lover Barack, took cocaine all the time!

According to county docket D4610968L86, Barack Hussein Obama seeks dissolution of marriage from Michelle Obama on grounds of infidelity and irreconcilable differences.

It’s lucky for us that we don’t have to have this kind of craziness in our White House anymore.

Having a great, stable family like the Trumps is doing wonders for America.

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