BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Facing EXPEL From The Congress – LIBERALS ARE FURIOUS!!

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader has been demanding for President Trump to be impeached since the moment he took over office. It looks like a top Republican has had more than enough of it.

“Well maybe it’s time we expel Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from Congress,” said Mark  Levin on his radio show this week. “If they’re going to talk about impeachment, well then we need to talk about expulsion … it’s time to go on offense.”

Listen to it here.

“They talk about impeachment like it’s no big deal-it is a big deal!” Levin went on to say. “They don’t really care about the Constitution … it’s about power.”

Pelosi could easily wind up losing her seat in Congress, as her level of popularity has been plummeting ever since she started with her constant and insane attacks on Trump.

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