BREAKING: James Comey’s Father Just Made MASSIVE Announcement

Former FBI director James Comey is apparently incapable of speaking up for himself at the age of 56.  Like most liberals, Comey lacks the testicular fortitude to defend himself with the truth so he turns to lies, fictitious memos, and now he is siccing his Daddy on President Trump.

That’s right…..James Comey’s father is speaking out against President Trump’s decision to fire his son and in the process, he is calling into question the president’s sanity.  Frankly, I call into question the sanity of a grown man that feels he needs to hide behind his father when he does a piss poor job and gets fired as a result. But I suppose personal responsibility is a foreign concept for the left.

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Comey was fired earlier this month, amid the left and their endless witch hunt in attempting to find potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Following his ouster, President Trump referred to Comey as both a “nutjob” and “showboat.”   It left a very unflattering picture painted of Comey painting him as unethical and inept for the job. Of course, Comey’s Daddy to the rescue along with hometown friends and family from liberal Allendale, N.J. speak well of Comey.

“I never was crazy about Trump,” J. Brien Comey, a Republican and father to James Comey told “I’m convinced that he’s nuts. I thought he belonged in an institution. He was crazy before he became president. Now he’s really crazy.”

Comey first showed he lacked testicular fortitude last July — in the midst of a tense presidential campaign — when he refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

Comey’s daddy is busily telling reporters that his son is a level-headed man with a good sense of ethics who regularly attended Mass at the local church with his family while he was growing up, except his son is a 56-year-old man and has been fully grown for many years at this point.

But the elder Comey, a Republican who served several terms on the Allendale council in the 1990s, was hardly shy about what he thinks of Trump, especially in light of how the president has treated his son. And while Comey voted a straight GOP line in last November’s election, he did not cast a vote for any presidential candidate.

“I just couldn’t vote for Trump,” he said

And apparently, he never taught his son to stand on his own two feet either.

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