BREAKING: James Comey Getting SUED Just Days Before Testifying

Just one day before his much discussed and widely anticipated testimony before Congress, things just continue to go downhill for former FBI director James Comey.

Former U.S. intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery walked away with more than 600 million classified documents on no less than 47 hard drives from both the National Security Agency (NSA) and the CIA.  His breach is considered even larger than that of Edward Snowden.  Montgomery has now filed suit against Comey and other government officials with allegations the FBI covered up evidence that he provided demonstrating widespread spying on Americans in violation of the 4th amendment and civil liberties.

The suit was filed on Monday evening and assigned in Washington to U.S. District Judge Richard Leon, who in 2015 issued an historic ruling that the NSA’s past bulk collection of Americans’ phone records was an extreme violation of Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.  The evidence provided by Montgomery to the FBI detailed warrantless collection of phone, financial and personal data and the unmasking of identities in spy data about millions of Americans. The suit accuses the bureau of failing to take proper actions to rectify Montgomery’s concerns or any concerns regarding the massive and flagrant amendment violations

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