BREAKING: Hollywood Star Is Leaving For Canada Because Of Trump and Look Who It Is!!!

A number of promises were made by Hollywood liberals during the presidential election last year, and most of them revolved around leaving the nation if Trump becomes president. Well, now that things are done, the dust has settled down to reveal that most of those celebrity liberals are not ready to make such a move just yet, and they use every chance they can to bash President Trump and throw dirt on his name.

Now, one Hollywood liberal stands at a decision of potentially leaving our nation, for good and we are talking about the Trump-bashing, emoji-writing Cher. This morning, she took it to Twitter to bash the American Health Care Act by saying that its passage threatens to cut funding for her Asthma, and after these comments, it is believed that she is getting ready to leave for Canada for her treatment.

On top of that, she also threw in two more tweets bashing not only Trump but the Republicans who helped vote for the bill.

This is a clear example of how much Obamacare benefitted the rich. The bill passed by Republicans hasn’t even taken its toll, and you can already see the fiery reactions on social media everywhere.

Share this article and spread the word to let Cher now, that the door is open, and she is free to close it from the outside, if she doesn’t like our nation – she can leave!

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