BREAKING: Fox Star Tucker Carlson In Critical Condition After Head On Collision Driving Home

Fox News’ bright and shining primetime star, Tucker Carlson, was involved in a hit and run head-on collision on his way home from his live broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which is shot at Fox News in New York City. NYC Police Sargeant Michael O’Leary told reporters that while he couldn’t confirm the identity of the driver, a well-known news anchor was rammed in what looked like an act of violence and not an accident.

EMT’s on the scene were heard on their radios describing the man as Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson after retrieving his wallet. He was transported to Saint Mary’s where he is said to be in critical condition and awaiting surgery. No other information is available from the hospital, which also refuses to release anything until they get the OK from police.

The car that crossed the median and struck Carlson had a reinforced bumper and the steering wheel was covered with foam to provide the driver extra protection from a crash. It’s obvious that someone wanted to do harm to another human being on purpose. Whether or not Carlson was specifically targeted or just in the wrong place at the wrong time remains unknown. The perpetrator fled the scene. The Ford Explorer he was driving had no plates or VIN numbers. Police have impounded it as evidence.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tucker’s family tonight. This is a developing story that will be updated.

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