Breaking: Fort Lauderdale Shooter Was On Obama’s Payroll

Reports out of Fort Lauderdale are making it clear that just like every time something horrible happens in America, President Obama is to blame. This time, a shooter with a Hispanic name shot and killed at least 5 people and wounded at least 8 others.

The dishonest media has already reported the gunman’s name and age, Estaban Santiago, 26, but refuses to note that as a Hispanic man who flew into Broward County, Florida, he most likely voted fHillaryary Clinton. They were able to confirm, however, that the man was traveling with documentation that he was, in fact, on Obama’s payroll. That may mean that his Hispanic name could be a cover and that he may actually be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

His exact role isn’t yet known, as this is a developing story, but one thing is clear: This is, without a doubt, All Obama’s fault.


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