BREAKING: FBI Makes MASSIVE Announcement About Hillary Clinton RIGHT Before James Comey Got FIRED


Former FBI Director James Comey was FIRED by President Trump and liberals are freaking out- even though they all said just yesterday that he cost their beloved Hillary the presidency lol. 

The brutal move by Trump has Democrat leaders going completely insane, saying that this is rock solid proof that Russia and trump are in cahoots. It’s so pathetic it’s ridiculous.

But, here’s what Donald Wofford, a 22-year veteran of the bureau in charge of authorizing domestic terrorism investigations at FBI headquarters in the late 1980s has to say about Comey getting canned.

He says that Comey totally interfered with the investigation into the Hillary email investigation.

“The man should have been fired on July the 6th,” Wofford holds.

“Every time [FBI investigators] went into Comey’s office to update him and advise him on steps they would take, he said ‘no’ and obstructed them,” Wofford explains to Breitbart News. “He didn’t want anyone interviewing Huma Abedin. He didn’t want to use the grand jury. He wouldn’t let them get Hillary Clinton’s medical records when she said she couldn’t remember because she had a concussion.”

“He owed a lot of favors to Hillary Clinton,” Wofford said. “He made sure the investigation went nowhere.”

Comey, a former U.S. attorney sworn in as FBI director in July of 2013, leaves office less than four years into his ten-year term. The Trump administration said Comey could no longer effectively lead the FBI and that by replacing him it hoped to restore public trust in the bureau.

Look, Comey screwed up. He failed doing his job because he was threatened by the Obama administration and the Clinton cartel, not to mention he is a full blown liberal pile of trash.

The bottom line is that he has been fired and he made it through the whole Hillary scandal alive- at least for now.

Trust me, we will be reporting that he committed suicide in the coming days, weeks or months.

He will be another victim of the Clinton Body Count.

Count on it.

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