BREAKING: Democratic Governor Begs President Trump For Help!

BREAKING: Democratic Governor Begs President Trump For Help!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is begging President Trump for emergency assistance to remedy the worsening situation at New York City’s Penn Station.

From The NY Daily News:

Gov. Cuomo called on President Trump Sunday to provide emergency assistance to remedy the “intolerable” situation at Penn Station that will create “a summer of agony.”

Earlier this month, executives from Amtrak, which has operational control over “Pain Station,” said they would shut down tracks for extended periods over the next year to repair long-neglected infrastructure.

That means the 600,000 passengers who pass through the station each day will face a nightmarish 20% reduction in service during peak hours, Cuomo said.

“Amtrak’s need to cut service this summer has created both a short-term crisis and dramatically exposed the system’s chronic problems,” Cuomo wrote in a letter to Trump.

“While this is not a hurricane or flood it will affect as many people and businesses with dire consequences. Like a natural disaster, we didn’t create it but our public offices require we address it…This situation affects the entire northeast region.”

The delays at Penn Station will have domino effects that impact the overburdened subway, regional transit and more.

Cuomo asked Trump to lend his support to getting Amtrak — a quasi-federal entity — to turn over control of Penn Station to a private terminal operator.

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