BREAKING: Comey Drops BOMB on Loretta Lynch During Testimony

HAPPENING NOW: Former FBI Director James Comey is currently testifying before Congress.

The media has been foaming at the mouth, anticipating a “bombshell” about President Donald Trump potentially obstructing justice. Instead, however, Comey dropped a major bombshell about the Hillary Clinton email case and former attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Comey said that he was very troubled after Lynch and Bill Clinton met on a tarmac last year, while Hillary Clinton was under investigation for illegally using an unsecured email server.

Lynch and Clinton claimed they were simply “talking about their grandchildren”, but any rational person would not believe that. Including Comey.

Comey said, “After seeing that meeting, I thought it was an obstruction of justice in a conclusive way. I had to do something separately to protect the credibility of the investigation.”

“What was even more troubling was that, separately, Attorney General Lynch instructed me not to call the Hillary Clinton email case an ‘investigation’” Comey revealed. “She instructed me to call it a ‘matter.’ After that, I realized that I had to go forward with the email announcement to make sure the case was protected.”

The Comey hearing is happening right now. You can watch it live at Fox News.

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