BREAKING: Chuck Schumer’s Nasty Statement Against Trump is Horrifying. Your Response?

Some people are so self-consumed and egotistical that they think the entire world and Heaven above revolves around them. The Democrats look more insane every day.

While describing a message he received from God, Chuck Schumer stated, “I said to myself if Hillary won and you were majority leader, the job would be more fun and it would be a lot easier. And most importantly, you’d get to do some good things. But with Trump as president and you as minority leader, the job is much more important. That has fueled me ever since,” via The Washington Free Beacon.

That’s right: Chuck Schumer is now claiming GOD has given him the task to fight Trump and Republicans at all costs. These are the words of a man who backed a corrupt candidate in the recent election, Hillary Clinton.

How can a man claim to have received a mission from God when he has banded together with evil and corrupt people? This is why the Democrat party is no longer taken seriously — people like Schumer are doing them no favors at all.

He is not somebody who has the best interests of the American people are heart — he is just a self-serving politician.

These types of people are a dime a dozen in Washington D.C., but not many have the gall to say they are working on behalf of God. At every step of the way, he has opposed our president, who is actually trying to make this country great again.

Schumer is the minority leader in the Senate, so there is not too much he can substantially do because of the Republican majority.

He does have plans to disrupt the battle in the Senate regarding the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, via Twitter. He believes, in some deranged way, that the Democrats actually stand a chance of coming out on top after this nomination process ends.

Schumer has all but confirmed that the Democrats are going to filibuster the confirmation vote. This is despite the fact that Gorsuch is the best person for the job and needs to be installed as soon as possible.

This is just another delaying tactic by the Democrat cronies to try and disrupt Trump’s movement. This is why so many liberals are moving away from the Democrat Party in droves.

It was only a few days ago that Schumer totally lost it and started yelling at a Trump supporter while in a restaurant. He is said to have shouted at the Trump supporter, “How could you vote for Trump? He’s a liar!” via The Angry Patriot.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think shouting at restaurant goers is what Jesus had in mind when He told us to “love one another”. If Schumer IS getting messages from the Lord, then he’s almost assuredly misinterpreting them — just like he’s grossly misjudged his role in the Democrat Party.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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