BREAKING: Barack Obama Implicated In SLAVE TRADE

President Obama managed to bring an historic and traditional enterprise back to the African people: slavery.

Human rights experts have been monitoring the north African country of Libya where many of the various migrant routes converge and what they found in the war-ravaged nation is appalling.

Markets filled with young black bodies–slaves returning to the Muslim auctions.  Islam, a semitic religion of the Middle East, condones and permits the institution of slavery.  Whether they want it, or not, slavery is back and it’s thanks to the so-called “cool president.”

While it isn’t often spoken of in American history courses, Muslims played a major role in the slave trade.  President Obama, with some help from Hillary Clinton, did a great job in helping them restore this tradition.

Migrant Africans attempting to find “refuge” (money, really) in Europe have been swarming into Libya before crossing the Mediterranean. Many of these gullible economic migrants get swept up into schemes while working part-time.  Next thing they know, they’re not being paid, but rather enslaved.

In 2010, Libya didn’t have a network of open-air slave markets. By instituting regime change in 2011, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ensured Libya would have slave markets today.

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