BREAKING: American Girl Was Raped And Beaten By Two Muslim Refugee In Ohio. Trump Going To Deport Them All Do You Support This?

BREAKING: Girl Was Raped And Killed By Two Muslim Refugee In Ohio. Trump Going To Deport Them All Do You Support This?

Last Friday, we all watched in terror as hundreds of innocent people enjoying a beautiful start to the weekend in one of the most celebrated cities in the world were gunned down in a terrorist massacre. The normalcy of a Friday night came to a horrific halt in a hail of bullets and bloodshed and I spent the next few hours glued to my Twitter account, as I watched it all unfold in real time.

There is something surreal about the way social media and technology can immerse us into every miniscule detail as it emerges, every false rumour, every inspirational or hateful utterance; every heartbreaking image that shakes us to our core. I was far away from it all, yet I was there. I read the devastated messages of people frantically searching for their loved ones and I sobbed for them and for my inability to do anything at all but merely retweet.

In my lifetime I have seen planes fly into New York skyscrapers and watched them crumble to the ground, the way bodies buckle under their own weight. I have watched incredulously as a tall, beautiful soldier in his prime was gunned down while peacefully guarding a monument in Ottawa. I have refused to watch as Daniel Pearl would be the first of many ISIS victims – throat slit, terror reverberating around the world, establishing a new “normal”.

There is something so visceral about horror and fear. It causes us to fold in half, to circle the wagons, to batten down the hatches and seek to eliminate all real and potential threats. Suspicion and survival take over. Our hearts grow small. There is no room for compassion when you have been struck in such a cowardly way and you don’t know where the next blow is coming from. When young men and women are gunned down for no reason at all, logic, too, tends to walk away. Vicious thoughts of revenge and destruction take over. You want to retaliate, to strike back; to keep this from happening to you and your loved ones.

Police immediately started investigating to find out who the terrorists were. ISIS quickly claimed responsibility. A lone Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the men who had detonated himself.

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