BREAKING: AARP Releases The TRUTH About Trumpcare–Liberals Already Crying

The American Association for Retired People has just concluded its own analysis of the Republican health care bill being dubbed “Trumpcare,” and it’s great news for older Americans. Starting around age 55, The cost of health care in America tends to increase drastically. Under Trumpcare, we’ll finally see a reversal of that trend and some fairness toward our citizens who have worked the hardest for the longest.

 According to the AARP:

The new health care bill making its way through congress is a windfall of great news for seniors. While those who don’t yet qualify for Medicare will lose their subsidies and see an out of pocket increase of about 150 percent, they will also see a tax credit at the end of the year that makes that offsets the cost substantially.

As for benefits, you will still be able to get insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, for an increased premium, ands while lifetime caps will return, they’ll be much higher than before. Your quality of care is guaranteed not to decrease.

If you’re on Medicare, you’ll see a huge drop in prescription drug prices and your health insurance savings account won’t be subject to any death tax.

While it’s a shame that 25 million Americans, many of whom are children, will lose their coverage through this bill, we estimate that fewer than 5 million seniors will be among them. All in all it’s a fine piece of legislation that will keep us all alive longer to continue voting for our best interests and our best interests alone.

Liberals are, of course, losing their minds. How dare a reputable organization tell the truth and give their people such great news? It’s unheard of! Sorry, libtards…you lose.

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