BOOM!! Trump is bringing our country back to GOD! This is an awesome decision by President Trump…Do you agree?

There are TWO genders: male and female. It’s for liberals to get that under their skin because it’s a biological FACT. It’s ridiculous for Liberals advocate for mentally ill people to have sex change surgeries. They need help, not to be maimed. Our country has failed these people under Obama…but now President Trump is ENDING the politically correct BS. It’s time to do the right thing!!

According to usa politics today:

Had state-funded schools, colleges and universities not complied with the directive, it could put public institutions at risk of losing federal funding.

As a result, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor temporarily blocked the Obama directive nationwide in August. In his ruling, O’Connor said Title IX “is not ambiguous” about sex being defined as “the biological and anatomical differences between male and female students as determined at their birth.”

Trump is going to bring back family values and Christian values to America again! It’s time this country to become conservative and normal again!

We should stop with the promotion of liberal sick values, all that sick attitude, we have to be normal and sane and good people again!

No more transgender, gay, abortions, drugs, crimes, illegals etc… We have to have law and order, strong police, strong border, strong military, strong churches, more freedom, less socialism, less communism, less utopia, lower taxes, less regulation!

That is the Trump rule, that is the Trump philosophy, and we voted for that! And if he do that, America will be great again!


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