Barack Caught On Multi-Million Dollar Yacht With ‘Special’ Lady Friend – Now His Nasty Secret Is Out

From the moment Barack Obama left office, he’s been doing what he does best and recreating non-stop. Perhaps the plan was to put 8-years of time in as president as a small price to pay to live in the lap of luxury the rest of his life, enjoying tax-funded security around him at all times and the opportunity for a multi-million dollar book deal. It’s a pretty sweet arrangement after destroying the country that offers him these opportunities and he’s not enjoying it alone. The former president was spotted on a luxury yacht with a special lady friend, which answers a lot of questions.

Barack is no stranger to luxury on the sea as he spent some time on billionaire David Geffen’s “superyacht,” with a star-studded crew privy to such accommodations from the founder of DreamWorks and several record companies. Celebrity-loving Michelle Obama was with him on vacation, along with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Springsteen. Now, it has c the yacht master recently hopped onto a new boat, with a certain guest aboard that has certain people up in arms, and rightfully so.

Adding proof to the apparent corruption suspected in the mainstream media is the relationship that the Obamas have with one particular news anchor who covers the current White House administration he and Michelle were seen vacationing with in Tahiti. Gayle King, who is Oprah Winfrey’s right-hand woman that has greatly benefitted from their longtime friendship, is not only tight with the former show host but the Obamas as well. While this may seem innocuous, Gayle’s colleagues have are blowing the whistle on her boating trip with Barack and Michelle.

Gayle King with Barack Obama on a different occasion away from vacation

According to a source who spoke anonymously to Page Six, “the CBS News Anchor’s ‘Capital J journalist’ colleagues are ‘pissed and raving’ mad that she was on a yacht with the Obamas over the weekend’,” the Daily Mail reports.”The old-school people that were talking about it. She shouldn’t be doing that,” the informant added.

This obvious issue is that King anchors a program that covers what’s currently going on in the White House under the Trump administration, which everyone knows Barack Obama has a vengeance against. There is no way this woman could report this news without bias when she spends her time vacationing with the Obamas on her days off from reporting. The fact that she has this news position in the first place is questionable since she likely beat out more qualified professionals simply because she’s Oprah’s best friend.

While others who work with King claim that the office outrage about her vacationing with the Obamas is fabricated, it’s certainly not hard to believe. While those who work with her and say they “love her” might be quick to overlook this obvious issue, the American public who once respected CBS for their journalistic integrity may feel differently. If King’s coverage was of celebrities and not Trump’s White House, there would be no conflict, but that’s not the case.

While the Obamas are galavanting for weeks on end and hob-nobbing with Hollywood elites, where’s their teen daughter? Michelle’s stance throughout her time as First Lady was to be the nation’s mom and tell other people how to parent by making herself the authority on fitness, nutrition, and raising teens. Much like everything else with this couple, that must have been all smoke and mirrors since they are constantly seen leaving their youngest daughter behind has they enjoy international vacations-a-plenty.

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