ALERT: Lib Judge RELEASES ISIS Terrorist on “Bail.” Should Judge Lose License?

ALERT: Lib Judge RELEASES ISIS Terrorist on “Bail.” Should Judge Lose License?

At this point, there is no denying that liberal judges are trying whenever they can to destroy our country.

 A resident of Phoenix, Arizona has been released from prison after meeting the bail set by a liberal judge. Derrick Thompson, who changed his name to Abu Talib al-Amriki, was already indicted for supporting the terror group ISIS.

Thompson was arrested by law enforcement last December for plotting to carry out a terror attack. The FBI had been monitoring his actions for over two years before the arrest took place.

The would-be terrorist was charged with attempting to commit misconduct involving weapons, assisting a criminal syndicate (ISIS), and other related crimes.

Thompson was being monitored by an anti-terrorism task force, and he was caught searching Google for “how to be a martyr,” “how to commit jihad,” and “how to kill civilians.” He also searched for the most powerful handguns and which churches host a midnight mass.

Court documents described Thompson as an “avowed jihadist,” and he frequented ISIS websites and supported them publicly on social media.

The suspect also was caught attempting to illegally purchase a rifle online, and the transaction almost went through, but it ultimately failed because the sale would have gone across state lines.

 Thompson was unable to legally purchase a firearm since he was a convicted felon, having been convicted of armed robbery in 2005. As a result of this crime, he served over seven years in jail. He began supporting ISIS immediately upon release.

All of the available evidence points to the conclusion that Thompson was planning to attack a Catholic church, late in the evening, in a sick attempt to secure his path to Allah.

It is simply absurd that any judge would consider it acceptable to post bail for this man. It is clear that he is willing to die in a terror attack and take as many other lives with him as possible. Why would this man return to appear before the court? He is clearly a pressing danger to the community at large.

The only conclusion is that liberal judges wanted to see harm done in their community. Multiple judges have blocked the travel ban imposed by Trump, despite the fact that the ban will prevent future attacks while improvements to our vetting system are implemented. It appears that liberal judges WANT terrorists to be walking our streets.

This judge needs to have his license revoked. It is clear he does not care about protecting the safety of his or any other community, which should be the number one goal of any judge.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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