Whoopi Goldberg NEEDS TO BE FIRED After NASTY Thing She Just Said To President Trump!

She is just terrible.

 “The bottom line is nobody wiretapped your ass! So maybe Sean Spicer, I know you don’t get this, but perhaps an apology to the former commander-in-chief for accusing him (Obama) of a federal crime, of a felony.”

YEAH RIGHT! Like Donald Trump would EVER apologize to Obama.

Where was Obama’s apology to the American people when he expanded to Patriot Act to spy on America? Where was his apology for making Iran rich enough to afford jets and missiles? Where was his apology for ISIS?!

Look, if anyone owes an apology, it’s Barack Obama. Whoopi Goldberg isn’t even worth our time. Obama owes all of America an apology for BETRAYING our national interests.

Let’s share this around with the message FIRE WHOOPI GOLDBERG so we can show her what happens when you mess with America’s President!

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